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Donít you want the best for your clients?   

American United Life Insurance Company is one of our carriers in the Group Life insurance market.  Their contracts DO NOT include the following limitations:

  • Self Reported Conditions (i.e.. chronic fatigue)
  • Mandatory Rehabilitation
  • Prudent person language
  • American United Life Insurance group disability contracts DO NOT offset with any Individual Disability Income Policies

American United Life Insurance  also includes the following benefits in their LTD contract?/font>

  • Unlimited worksite modification benefit
  • Presumptive Disability Benefit  (when a person is earning 20% or less than his/her covered monthly earnings, AUL will not reduce the monthly benefit by these earnings)
  • Accidental Dismemberment & Loss of Sight Benefit under the LTD Benefit (AUL will pay a fixed number of monthly payments with no offsets for an accidental injury that results in a loss that occurs while insured under the policy)
  • Social Security Incentive Benefit (AUL will not reduce the monthly benefit by income received as a Social Security benefit for the first 3 months that a claimant receives Social Security Income)

If you arenít currently looking at these benefits with other carriers look to American United Life Insurance for themÖconsider  for all of your Life, Disability and Long Term Care needs!

For more information regarding these benefits and others please contact us.

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